Donald Humptytrumpty and the big school bus

Donald Humptytrumpty was very, very happy.

He stood in the big school playground and smiled a big big smile.

That annoying Bo and all his friends had left for good, and he’d won the big shouting match with Mrs Rotten Hillary.  Mrs Rotten Hillary had tried very, very hard – annoyingly hard – to shout louder than Donald, but Donald won.  No-one, but NO-ONE, could shout louder than Donald!

And now Donald was headmaster, and in charge of the big school, and everyone in the playground had to call him Mr Humptytrumpty.  No wonder Donald was happy.

Donald walked through the playground and stood at the top end, you know, the end where it slopes up to the bikesheds so it’s easy to see everything that’s going on, and he watched the school buses outside the school gates.  Donald smiled, he liked to see the little children coming to school.

But what’s that?  A big school bus arriving from the place they call Ummah?   Donald didn’t like the children from Ummah.  He said they played rough and were naughty, and evil, and very nasty.  He didn’t want them in his school.

So, Donald ran as fast as his little legs would carry him to the school gate.

“Stop, stop!” he shouted as the children got off the Ummah bus.  “You can’t come in here any more.  You are too nasty!”


“But we’ve all got bus passes sir”, they said.  “Look”, they said, waiving them in the air, “we’ve got proper bus passes, we’re allowed to come to school on the bus!”.

“No”, said Donald, “my playground is too nice for you.  Go home!”

And the children were very sad and had to go back home on the bus.  But saddest of all were the little Syrian boys and girls, because they had no home, no school, no hospital, no playground, no toys and no nice things to go home to, because they had all been blown to bits and there was nothing left anymore.

“Please let them in” said the other children. “They are very poor, and have so little, and we want to play with them and make them happy.  And you already gave them bus passes.”

“No, no, NO”, said Donald, “from today I get back control of who comes into the big playground.  We need big strong walls and EXTREME bus passes or we’ll be in a horrible mess!”

Donald got crosser, and crosser, and CROSSER.


And everyone was very confused, because no-one knew what an  EXTREME bus pass was, or how to get one.

So the poor little Syria children, who hadn’t done ANYTHING wrong, had to go back.  And they tried to come to school on the bus the next day, and the next day, but they still weren’t allowed to get on the bus.  And Donald got crosser, and crosser, and CROSSER, and still wouldn’t let them in.

Now, while Donald was getting so cross he was turning very, very bright red, the other children, the ones who were already in the big school, stood together in the big playground and said, “Donald Humptytrumpty is breaking the school rules isn’t he?  He’s got it all wrong, he’s picking on the wrong little children, but what can we do?”, and they were very, very sad.


Then one of them smiled and said, “I know, let’s ask the school governors.  The govenors are very clever and know ALL the school rules, maybe they can help”.

And, guess what?  That’s just what they did.  The chair of the school governors listened to them very carefully.  When he had finished listening, the chair of the school governors was VERY cross with Donald Humptytrumpty.  He said “It’s just not cricket!” and that Mr Humptytrumpty had broken the school rules, and the Ummah children had to be allowed onto the school bus and allowed into the big school.  He said they must come to school “Right now, now, straight away”.

So the Ummah children, holding their bus passes in their little hands, got onto the school bus and came into the big school, and were very, very happy.

And all the other children were very, very pleased to see them, and said, “Hello” and, “We’re very happy you are here”, and they all played together nicely.

But Donald Humptytrumpty was a real grumpy boots.

He wasn’t happy.  Donald Humptytrumpty started shouting again.  He was very rude to the chair of the school governors and said “You so-called governor”, which wasn’t true.  He shouted that “Many very bad and dangerous children are pouring into our school”, but that wasn’t true either.  He shouted “MAKE SCHOOL GREAT AGAIN” but everyone knew that school was great already.

All the little children laughed when Donald Humptytrumpty shouted. They knew he was wrong, because no-one had been attacked or hurt.  They knew that schools have rules for a good reason, to help everyone get along happily together, and the children were very, very happy that the rules were going to be obeyed.

Never mind, Donald Humptytrumpty.

If you try VERY, VERY hard you might manage to learn all the school rules!  After all, school rules apply to headmasters too!

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