Where’s Nigel?

Hello children


Donald Humptytrumpty has lost his new best friend Nigel.  Can you help him find Nigel?  Where shall we look?


Let’s look in the Big White House.  Is Nigel hiding in the West Wing?

Oh no, the Senate haven’t a clue who he is, so Nigel can’t hide there.

nigel_chocolatesWhere else can we look Donald?  Oh, you told Nigel to go and play in the British Embassy?  Let’s have a look.

No, Sir Grumpy Kim says Nigel was very rude.  Sir Grumpy Kim won’t let Nigel have any Ferraro Rocher.  Sir Grumpy Kim say’s Nigel can’t come in.

nigel_theresaOh, I remember where Nigel might be.  Nigel said he’ll be in Britain “for weeks and weeks to come”.  Lets go and see if he’s having tea with Mrs Kittenheels in London.

No, Mrs Kittenheels says Nigel is a bossy boots.  Mrs Kittenheels doesn’t let Nigel visit anymore.

Maybe Nigel is playing nicely in Westminster with Diffydaffy Jezza?

No.  Diffydaffy Jezza says Nigel’s no joke.  Nigel’s not there.

Perhaps Nigel is very busy making friends.

Oh, no.  All the British boys and girls are very polite and say thank you very much for all the Brexit, but they don’t want to play with Nigel any more.

brussel_sproutsSilly me, I nearly forgot.  Nigel is head boy in Brussels.  Nigel has lots and lots of work to do in Brussels.  Nigel should be in Brussels.  Is Nigel there?  Let’s ask the Brussel Sprouts.

Oh, the Brussel Sprouts say they don’t need Nigel.  They don’t care if he’s there or not.  Poor Nigel.

Where oh where could Nigel be?

Oh, for Fox sake, there’s Nigel.  


Nigel is very happy.  Well done Nigel, we’re sure the Fox will love you.  And, if you’re very lucky, Mr D Humptytrumpty might find you a job in The Big School!

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