Fireproof edition of Fahrenheit 451 available after Trump burned books to quell civil unrest

Originally posted on The Bald Beagle:
Two weeks after Trump issued Executive Order 19840, which ordered the burning of books deemed by the White House to be inappropriate for the public, Oxford University Press decided to publish a fireproof version of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. Written by an avid library-goer who never went to college,…

General Election Special: My gaffe-prone addresses to parliament coupled with embarrassed shouting will get me to No.10 vows Corbyn.

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? A defiant Corbyn addresses dissenting voices at a “Stop The Wanker” fringe Labour Party meeting last night ? Beleaguered Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn sent out a defiant message to his detractors last night when he told The Whitechapel Whelk, that despite his rank unpopularity with the electorate…

This Is Just to Say

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*************** This Is Just to Say *************** America would never eat the plums that were in the icebox ? even Hitler didn’t sink to eating plums in World War II ? He brought them to Digestion Centers so convenient and so bad ? [Note: Please go here to read William…

‘Grieving’ Trump to play golf for 2 weeks in honour of Syrian gas attack victims.

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 White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, last night told a press briefing that President Trump was so outraged by yesterday’s gas attack on civilians by Syrian government forces he has taken the decision to abandon his official duties for 2 weeks so that he can dedicate the time to…

Deep cuts

“Which means all the good stuff has to go,” sighed Maurice. “No more meals on wheels for your granny. Education gone, the Arts gone, and look, the Environment’s being wheeled out too. Humptytrump says he’s not paying for any of them any more.” … More Deep cuts

A paen of praise to The Big School’s illustrious Head Boy

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******************* O Bannon! My Bannon! ******************* O Bannon! my Bannon! my great campaign is done, My rallies were the best (and huge), those alt-right chants were fun, So now we’re here, our mandate clear, we really should start winning, While CNN misreads “the facts,” their news so fake and boring;…